February 06, 2022


We ask a number of questions for a number of reasons to all sorts of different people. Some are process driven, others are more curiosity driven, some our insecurity driven.

On the flip-side we are asked many questions. I have never counted the number of questions we are asked on a  daily basis but that would be a fun exercise to do.

Through the InnerFight podcast I get to ask some super interesting people loads of questions about their trade and also some random ones which are quite fun.

At the same time, from time to time people put a mic in front of me and ask me questions on a number of topics, I guess in that hope that I give them the answers they are looking for. Sometimes hopefully I do and sometimes I can tell I say things that they are not quite expecting.

The questions that I get asked that I have been asked before are seemingly easy to answer and I always tell people noting is off limits.

A few weeks back I was asked what I still feel now as I write this to be one of the best questions I have ever been asked.

“What is the one question you want to be asked?”

I loved it so much that I have written this post so that I can ask you the same question….but of course I also want to know why you want to be asked that question.

Think about it, it’s super cool!