November 28, 2017


So you are on board? I am glad to hear.
You know that you need to start to plan for 2018 already but every time you do you struggle, you have no real idea where to start. You have the best intentions, you have a new notebook, a fresh pot of coffee and a sharp pencil but you just do not know what to write.
Well you are not alone. That is a point a whole load of people get to and then they just get overwhelmed with thoughts and sometimes emotions. So I am going to try and help you.
I like to split life into 3 categories and everything I do drops into them in the following order:
1) Family
2) Health
3) Work
You may be a bit freaked out about the order but trust me, I have sat with thousands of people and when we have broken the surface not one of them has not said their family is the most important thing in their life! Think about it.
So you have your categories. Attack one at once. This is not an all you can eat buffet, preparing for a year may need a few separate sittings.
I then want to encourage you to think simple, what are the simple things you want in each category. Once you have them written down ask yourself to be more simple in something like “what is a small thing I can do each day to make that goal / part of my life better.” And slowly slowly you have building blocks starting to take shape.
That is how you start to make 2018 happen right now.