21 days for life
April 03, 2017

21 days for life

If it promised drastic change in 3,5,7 or 14 days refuse it. It’s a con or it’s illegal.
No matter what the product is, it’s a con, it will not work……GUARANTEED…..unless it’s illegal.
As humans we are creatures and as you have heard said multiple times we are CREATURES OF HABIT. We have many good habits but we also have many bad ones. The common stream in our habits is the time that it takes us to ingrain them, but once they are ingrained they are normally with us for life unless we take the time to reverse them.
And that time my friends we have proven over and again to be around the 21 day mark.
One guys came to me 190kg plus. Looking at him my initial reaction was “how”. And then a thought came into my head, to get into this state takes, time, commitment and outright dedication, all to the wrong things but those characteristics were there non the less. I immediately thought, if we can just use those characteristics in the right way then he can lose the weight. We managed to flick the switch, 2 years later the same guy had dropped 100kg.
No matter what you are committing to change you have to give it time, you have to give it 21 days. And yes I know those 21 days may seem like a lifetime or even two lifetimes when you are only 6 or 7 days in but trust me it’s worth it and at the same time it is the only option if you want your new habits to stick.
So get our your patience, stop wishing for time to speed up, stay focused on your goal and the habit you are trying to create and I can assure you things start to get easier around that 21 day mark and if you make it here then there is no reason why it can not be for life.