3 thoughts from 2,000m
April 17, 2017

3 thoughts from 2,000m

The air may well be different. The view certainly is, it’s one that each time I see it I am increasingly in owe of and one that inspires. But inspires in a different way. Perhaps some may say it provokes, provokes thoughts, provokes actions, provokes fear, provokes happiness.

Provokes many things.

Here are 3 thoughts that came into my mind recently at 2,000m.

1. Passion will always win: You may not like the mountains, you may hate snow. That’s irrelevant here. Passion fuels everything. I know becuase I have seen it, I feel it, I hear it, I yearn for it. So many people don’t, they are passionate about nothing. It’s one ingredient you must have if you want to win. No matter where you go for it or how you find it, get some passion for something and you will start to win.
2. Distractions will eventually kill you: There is limited phone signal and not much noise at 2,000m serving as a reminder that we live in a world of constant distractions. These distractions are the reasons we can’t stay focussed, why we don’t get our goals and why we end up doing so many things that in fact we don’t enjoy or need to do. Remove them from your life and let me know how it goes.
3. Seeing and thinking is the start of winning: The average speed I descended the piste was over 40kmph. The average piste was 2km long. The average time to get back to the top of the piste was 9 minutes. No more maths…..I had a lot of time looking at the mountains, the snow, the forests and then thinking. Thinking many things but with so much clarity as the chair lift returned us to the top of the piste. These clear thoughts are the start of winning.

The furnace is ignited.

Take some time to see and think and step away from your blurredness and noise.