4 reasons why you need a coach
February 26, 2018

4 reasons why you need a coach

I am a coach, this is not biased. I am the same as you. I need a coach, multiple coaches if I am honest and I have them, I may not work with all of them at the same time but over the last 5 years I have used and will continue to use coaches such as: a physical coach, a business coach, an emotional coach, a coach to help me with life decisions (you could call him a life coach but he would be angry) a nutrition coach, another business coach, in fact 3 business coaches who all have very different skill sets.
Of these coaches I actually have no clue which one is qualified in what but what I can tell you is that each one has helped me in the area that I have requested help and this is why I can list the 4 reasons below as to why you need a coach or perhaps multiple coaches at various times.
  1. Specialists know more than you: Google your life away, learn for hours and you may or may not know as much as a specialist in a subject but why not be more savvy with your time and find a specialist you trust, pay their fees and take advantage of their coaching, it is for sure a faster route to success.
  2. You need support: You can go super far on your own, I know that, but at times you are going to need some support of some sort be it in your business, emotionally or physically. Having that support helps you achieve your goals way faster.
  3. Motivation fluctuates for many of us: It does, we are different but we are similar. A coach to motivate you at the start, middle or in the last steps of your journey or quest toward a goal may make the difference between success and failure.
  4. For tough love: If you are out of order you need to be told, if you are being lazy you need your ass kicked. The coaches that I respect the most are the hardest on me, push me the most and give me the most honesty and tough love. That’s ultimately what you need.
So yes you could make it on your own and for some goals I have tried, but trust me for the above reasons alone, and I am sure there are many more, I continue to use an array of coaches in my life and really suggest you do to.