5 things I learnt in my living room
June 16, 2020

5 things I learnt in my living room

As movement outside the walls of our homes is becoming more common place and we are slowly going back to our favorite places of exercise and leisure I thought it was a good time to pause and reflect on what I actually learnt working out in my living room and around the house for the last three months.
What I can certainly say is that it has been a whole load of fun and for the most part super enjoyable, of course some days have taken a bit more motivation to get moving but thats to be expected.
So here are the 5 things I have learnt.
Fixed times are a must: “later is often never” or something doesn’t it go? Well I agree. There were days when I did not specify a time for my workout and of course one thing or another came up and by the time I got to the workout it felt late and I was not in the right frame of mind. As soon as I realized this I committed times to my workouts and made it happen regardless of what was happening in other areas of my life. This is something I have always done in life but when my gym was 2m away from me I presumed I could just workout anytime, the reality is I still needed a fixed time.
Mindset is key: We all know that getting ready for a workout in your living room which may have also doubled as your office over the last few months is mentally challenging and hardly as inspiring as an energy packed InnerFight gym. This is where the mindset comes in to play, having a clear purpose for the workout and understanding the huge impact that your fitness has on your overall health. I see the small space I workout on in my living room as the key to so many things in life and not just a small space in my living room.
Creativity is important: It’s good to keep the body guessing right (whilst at times super straight forward is my go to) and with a bit of creativity, google and social media you can come up with some really fun and interesting workouts that work beautifully with minimal to no equipment in the space of your living room. Boredom is one of the biggest excuses I hear for people backing out on their fitness but things do not have to be boring, a quick google or insta search and there is loads you can be doing.
Convenience is nice: I have to move only a few meters from where my laptop is and I am in my workout space. This is epic and saves me so much time. And then when I am done its only a few steps to the shower and then a few more to my food. Convenience has been something I have loved during this whole process. I can legitimately get more done in the day and this clearly brings a load of satisfaction in itself. I am sat here thinking how I can take advantage of this in the future that’s for sure. (sleep in my gym!!)
Simplicity wins (again): Life for all of us has been manic and as I wrote about last week simplicity always wins. When I have had crazy days just to hop over into the living room and do a simple workout for about 30 minutes has made me feel amazing. Some days I have just taken time out from work and sat on my yoga mat with my eyes closed and for a few minutes focused on breath, so simple but so effective.
Reading back over these they are pretty similar to working out in any place aren’t they. Bottom line and biggest learning is that so long as you have these 5 things you can workout anywhere under pretty much any circumstances on an ongoing basis and you should!
Have a great day!