Sorry! Did I miss your social media post?
March 20, 2017

Sorry! Did I miss your social media post?

We are only a few months into the year but you are silent on all forms of social media!
You no longer post all of those pictures of yourself at the gym that we saw at the start of the year
You are no longer a nutrition expert educating all of your friends about your macros.
You no longer keep your “my fitness pal” app updated by the second.
Or was it me, did I miss your Facebook post or your Instagram story of what you had for breakfast?
No, sadly I am still watching but I I no longer have anything to watch. I was so excited for you at the start of the year, you had such big plans, such great focus and so much energy to win.
But then, yeah I know what happened, life, life happened, it got in your way and you simply didn’t want it enough to keep going.
Someone invited you to a birthday drinks and you felt like a social retard not getting involved so you cracked, made poor decisions, ate and drank things that you publicly condemned on your social media at the start of the year.
Well that’s sad and you have lost. I know you will be back next Jan, maybe even post summer. But until then you will continue in your old ways on your average journey.
I fell sorry for you, I really do, things could have been so much different if you just had a bit more drive and passion to change and live the life you deserve.
And yeah, keep watching those around you block their feeds with their winning and how they are feeling amazing, maybe one day you will go all in and make it happen. I hope so.