A place
February 22, 2024

A place

What if I could take you to a place where the phone never rings, where only the wildlife can disturb us. 

A place where we will sit, we will talk, we will discuss things that we maybe don’t know much about and have no chance to check if we are right or wrong. 

A place where our thoughts live without distraction and the only person to judge us is ourselves if we so wish. 

A place where we will roam, we may get lost, we may suffer hardship both mental and physical but no one but us will ever know it happened. 

What if I told you that during our time in this place, nothing in the outside world will change for the better or the worse. 

But what’s the point in this place? In this place when we do all these things we will start to find you, the real you. 

When we are done you can come back here and decide what to do next.