August 29, 2017


I find the word “addicted” often associated with things in a negative way. Drugs, alcohol, gambling have all been addictions that seem to get air time in a bad light and the medicine is always “rehab” of sorts. And yes these addictions are super negative and often lead to very bad places.

I do however see addiction in a different way, for sure there are negative sides to things, if you are somewhat of a pessimist you will always find negatives but hey there is no time for negativity so lets have a look at the positive sides of addictions.

The side note out of the blocks here is the type of addictions I am talking about. I want you to develop addictions to eating good food, food that fuels your body for maximum performance in life. Yes I want you to be all in on it, think about the best ways to fuel your body all the time and go out and make it work. I want you to develop addictions to challenging your mind on an on going basis in any way shape or form that that may be. And of course I want you to get addicted to physically challenging yourself. These pillars drive optimal human performance and that is what we were designed for. These are great addictions.

And let’s look some super simple examples. I mean what is better. Waking up early on the weekend to go for a run or staying out late on weekend nights and being useless and hungover on weekend days? The addictions here being physical performance v alcohol. What about investing time and resources in good clean food against fast food? Both are super simple and in the cold light of day as educated adults reading this post we both know which you will choose. But of course in many instances what you say you will choose and what you end up choosing in the moment may differ. Think about it.

I remember so vividly sitting in front of a client weighing 197kg, I thought to myself, to get to this weight is not easy, it takes effort and dedication to make the wrong choice over and over again, it takes commitment to eating excessively day after day for years and years. My next thought was how I could turn that addictive personality into addictions to the right things in life……..2 years later that same person sat in front of me at 97kg and of course addicted to sports and a healthy lifestyle.

The bottom line here is that when we become addicted to something we focus all of our time, energy and resources into it, we make it our life or by default it takes over our life. As humans we do have addictive personalities so my only hope for you is that you go out and find addictions that make your body better, make your relationships better, make your mind better and as a result of course make your life better.

Go get addicted to the good things!!