An extreme mindset
September 05, 2017

An extreme mindset

Nothing must surprise you.

You must look at potentially the hardest challenge and immediately start to figure out a way to make it possible knowing from the outset that anything is possible if you have the mindset to make it happen.

People will call you extreme, alien, not normal, that’s the goal, that’s the compliment, that’s when they start to realize you have developed and extreme mindset.

Those comments only fuel your fire to keep on doing extreme things. To keep pushing the boundaries. To keep finding the most extreme challenges in any area of life and making them happen. To keep believing that nothing is impossible once you have programmed you mind in a way that you just know you are gonna win.

An extreme mindset takes time to develop. It requires the experience of failure, of disappointment, of extreme suffering without glory. It’s these experiences along the way that build the resilience of the extreme mindset, it’s the process that we have to go through and it’s never ending. We are forever paying our school, forever learning and forever on our journey to build the most extreme mindset possible.

Be extreme……it’s the only way.