Any thing at any price
June 23, 2020

Any thing at any price

It’s going to be an epic “race to the bottom” across a number of industries over the coming months. Brands and businesses are in dire need of business and more importantly cash flow so expect to see some hugely cut prices and what may appear as “amazing deals”.
The health and fitness industry is not exempt as there has been a split reaction to fitness during COVID 19. Some have gone all in and are thirsty for more whilst others have gone all in on the junk food and are desperate for help. Many industries will do well out of COVID 19, the health and fitness industry will be awash with cheaper price points and “career change trainers” over the coming 12 months.
Why not maintain price and give more? This has always been my philosophy. Right now yes there are people that need financial help but there are more people that need more support than ever so lets over deliver to those people. Let’s give them so much value that at our normal prices they feel like we are underpaid because the impact is so immense. The answer is simple, its easier to speak to peoples pockets with a price cut than it is to work your ass off and give your clients / customers the true value they need and deserve.
And then we come to the crowd that sadly lost their jobs at the start of COVID 19 and have in 3 months (1 weekend) decided a career change is the biggest learning of COVID 19 so despite most of us spending years getting educated and then time on the gym floor cleaning, helping, asking, learning they have just jumped into the zoo with a brand new insta account and an ad spend! God help us.
Ladies and gentlemen you can, now, more than ever get anything at any price from virtually anyone in any industry. Some of you will choose the lower price point on your health which is natural as you have forgotten that without it you are unable to do all other things in life. My request is super simple, just for a moment stop and think about the true value of your health and then go out and find the coach or company that gives you that value and more, when you find it, pay them what they ask, it will be worth it, it’s your health, without it you become a stat.
Thanks for reading, if I can help you in anyway flick me a mail on [email protected]