Why does Apple let you name your alarms?
July 13, 2016

Why does Apple let you name your alarms?

Ever thought of that? We never used to have this option! Is there a reason? There must be right?
Well to be honest I have not the slightest clue why they do it…
The question is though, do you name them? Do you save different alarms? I hope so. If not shame on you, this is a function that creates an amazing opportunity in your life. It is so simple but so effective.
But “why” you are asking? Well here is the “why” broken down into 3 points:
  1. It’s the first thing you see: Therefore why not take advantage of the situation, control the process and make it a positive thought. I see loads of people who have named the alarm that wakes them for work as “work” and with that they have a negative association and then the first thought of the day is negative, and hey, guess what happens to the rest of their day. So name them with some sort of motivation or inspiration.
  2. It’s the first choice you make: Every morning you have a choice, you choose your mood for the day. Now I don’t care if you are a “morning person” or not you still have the choice. Leading on from point one above, if the first thing you see is of a positive nature then the chances of you making the choice to have an awesome day go through the roof, it’s that simple.
  3. It’s something you control: As I have said many times before and will continue to say, there are a whole load of things in life that are way out of your control, but at the same time there are many things that you can control, this is one of them so make the very best out of the situation.
And yeah I know you have one question that I haven’t answered yet and that is why all my alarms in the image are set with a 4 or 9 in them and not a 0 or a 5. No it’s not so I can snooze, snooze is for losers who want to go back to sleep, never snooze.
The answer comes from a competitive streak in me. I always know if someone else is waking up at 4:25 I am one minute ahead of them, therefore I automatically win and life is all about winning!


Kerrie July 18, 2016 AT 03 am

Great article Marcus, thanks,
Changing those alarms up now.
I’ve also tried to stop reading emails as I wake up…….that also sets the tone for the day…….so if I do it already having chosen to be epic, then the response to even the most challenging mails should be somewhat different.

Peter Aki July 18, 2016 AT 05 pm

Love it Big Ox!!!!! Keep smashing the encouragement brother!!!

Ted July 20, 2016 AT 05 am

EPIC! Thanks for the motivation

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