You can do anything you want
April 10, 2017

You can do anything you want

I am not joking.
The limits, that we read, are always told and consequently believe, are self imposed.
But we know this, but still fail to act and somehow still fail to do whatever we want. Why?
Because of two things:
  1. We don’t really know if we want it deep down, we are not really sure if it’s in our who and why. Goes without saying that if we don’t know what that anything is then it is going to be quite tricky to make it happen.
  2. We are not willing to work hard enough to get it. Some of our biggest wants are just a bit out of our grasp and that will take hard work which we are just not ready to put in. It may sound archaic but what are you really willing to die for? That tells you quickly how much you want something or not.
It’s pretty basic isn’t it.
But the fact remains that you can do anything that you want in this life.
I suggest you figure out what that anything is and get committed to making it happen.
That to me is winning.