Change your language, change your life.
May 15, 2017

Change your language, change your life.

The impact is huge and I am seeing it more and more these days.

Time to change your language folks, it may just change your life.

If something is a disaster then for sure go ahead and tell it how it is but get a bit of quality control in play as much as you can.

Let’s look at a few common ones:

“Sorry I am late, the traffic was a nightmare.” I will ignore the sorry I am late part and save that for another post. But dude come on the traffic was not a nightmare. I admit there may have been traffic and it may have slowed you down and that’s not so cool but NIGHT MARE. Really? Didn’t think so.

Why not. Got stuck in a bit of traffic but that was quite cool as I was able to finish up a podcast that I have been listening to…….

When asked how you are…..”Busy” Yeah cheers idiot, I have had the manners to ask you a question because I care and I want to listen to what you have to say and all you give me is BUSY!

Why not. I have a load of cool stuff happening at the moment which I am super excited about.

If you are one of those people who immediately reply with “busy” I suggest you read “Busy” by Tony Crabbe.

“My workout sucked today”! Oh so now you are blaming your junk on your workout, probably a great workout that’s loads of people benefited massively from.

Why not. That was a cool workout given the day I have had, or given my something or other.

I have actually heard people say that after they have hit a personal best in a workout #realityplease

“I just can’t shift the weight.” Coz yeah saying that over and over again is just the medicine to get rid of it. You do realise that negative affirmations like that are received in your brain as a positive order, so your brain then goes to work to make damn sure you can not shift the weight!! Whooooops.

Why not. I am getting more focussed about my weight loss and have already quit drinking skinny caramel latees.

This is not about BSing yourself and saying things that are not true. This is about using language that will be received better by the person you are talking to and most important better by your brain.

Wanna get started? Here is a simple exercise.

Think about the conversations you had with people today and what you said. Write that stuff down. If the language is of a negative nature then write next to it a new version. See the difference? If not mail me on [email protected] and I will help out.