August 29, 2021


Collaboration seems to be to the present what Jane Fonda was to the 80’s. A word that is thrown around in many different contexts but essentially is the biggest alarm bell that can ring. Not that “G Strings” over leggings should have rung any alarm bells Jane….as you were please!
By asking me to collaborate I immediately think (sorry know) you want more from me than you are willing to give, it’s a deal that is loaded to one side….yours! That’s the meaning you have given to this word by contacting me out of the blue having not done an ounce of research on me!
If rule number 1 is still based around authenticity then why not let me love you naturally first rather than try and treat me like a cheap tool to get you what you want. You may have great products we may be able to do great things together but fluff me a bit, warm me up, don’t try and take my pants off on the first date, I may be a male but I have feelings! Come on you are better than that, you know what four play is? (Four play authentic or not? You decide, let’s move on)
Words change meaning due to humans abusing them. Collaborate is sure to be one of these solely down to people not having the balls to ask for a favor from someone that is totally unbalanced or just way too lazy and entitled to do some research. I mean on the right day of the week I am more than happy to do you an unbalanced favor but stop trying to tell me that it’s a great deal for us both when you know 100% that it’s not!
I guess the message would read a bit different if it read “Hi, we are here to f**k you over” but to be honest when you send me “hi, lets collaborate” I read it as the former.