July 18, 2021


Some say it’s a direct line to the heart, others put it down to tradition. I don’t care, I wear this ring  on this finger as a sign of commitment to a person I have loved for the last 18 years and always will……love and wear!
It is not for anyone else, it is for me, it is for us. It’s there when I wake, it helps me when I am down, it carries me when I need it to. It’s more than just a symbol of love, it’s a tool of super power to me.
Why? It reminds me of the words that were spoken and the vows we took as we placed it on my finger. It’s a sign of love, a sign of commitment but also a reminder of what commitment is in many aspects of life.
It signifies so much more than just love as I use it as a symbol for commitment in many other areas of life. It’s a trigger and when I need to I pull it and it fires commitment to anything I need it to. This could be in coaching someone, in working on a piece of work or on completing a physical challenge. It always remains on my finger no matter what I am doing and all I have to do is look down to be reminded of the meaning and be injected with an insane energy, a power to keep going.
What does commitment mean to you? How do you fire it? How to you give it meaning to live an amazing life?