June 09, 2020


Complicated…… the opposite of “simple” one of my favorite words in the English dictionary. (simple is my favorite word not complicated just so we are clear)
So much of what seems to be going on in our worlds right now is super complicated, we are questioning so many things, our minds are full and nothing is straight forward. This leads to us feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and can trigger many less than ideal reactions. It could just be one area of our life that is more complicated than normal but if we don’t contain it or simplify the other areas of life then we can fast find ourselves spiraling out of control to a point of burn out where everything just seems too much and we never get to the bottom of our endless to do lists and the likes.
There are naturally going to be certain things in life that at times are complicated, it’s kind of the way things turn out and some of those complications you may not be able to control. This is when you go all in on controlling the controllables and ensure that the things in your control are super simple. An example of this can be that work goes mental for a few months and despite controlling things in the best way that you can it is just a mayhem time. Identify this and then simplify the other things in life, keep your workouts short and simple, eat simple (not junk) and do not load any spare time in your calendar with social engagements.
Not everything needs to be complicated at once but you need to make this decision. You need to invest your time and energy in things that are simple to balance out those that you can not. Complicated is a state, as much a mental one as anything else and one that you mind will only tolerate for so long, don’t test it, get simple in every single place that you can and then you will be able to manage the small parts of complicated.