May 26, 2020


We do somethings because we see the result as beneficial, something we like, a place we want to be or a reward. Some things though we feel we want to do for the very same reasons but we are unable. We fail, we don’t make it happen, we never reach the destination. To us our motivation, our reasoning was similar but the outcome is so different.




Like anything many why’s…..however one I want to provoke thoughts on here is “connection”. Are you connecting the dots? If you have a good result and get the outcome that you want do you know why. And by the same toll if you fail, do you know why. Do you ever go back and try and connect the dots. Yes? Good read on. No? Also very good, read on.


You are the director of your own body, you are fully responsible. You have to understand input v output. What am I talking about? Well lets hop into the business world quickly where you are the director of your company and you do something amazing providing great results for the company. You can be sure that both you and your management want to know how you did it. Same when we flip things around. When things do not go the way we wanted we review so that we understand so that we do not make the same mistakes again.


It is a game of connection….and it is the same for the human body and mind when it comes to performance and motivation.


Once a week, once a month you need to sit down and look at what you set out to achieve and what you made happen. This is your first step to connecting the dots. Over weeks and yes months (sorry no quick fixes here) you will start to see patterns both positive and negatives, you will learn some awesome new things about your body and mind. Then you will be armed with new tools to use going forwards, you will have a new system to connect the dots in future and have more wins than you have ever had before.


Give it a shot and let me know how you get on!