Corporate athleticism
February 17, 2020

Corporate athleticism

We often view “athleticism” as something sport related and actually if we head over to the dictionary definition (the physical qualities that are characteristic of athletes, such as strength, fitness, and agility.) then we are quite right in our presumption.
However look again at that definition and the words “Strength, fitness and agility” and I ask you the question… “are these not qualities required in the corporate world if we are going to perform optimally.”
I will continue with some questions which I hope spur thoughts for you leading to actions.
“If being physically fit enhances mental clarity and performance and mental performance is required to succeed in the corporate world then shouldn’t we be putting more onus on physical fitness.”
“If being physically fit means your employees take less sick days and in turn make less insurance claims, in turn saving corporations millions then shouldn’t we be putting more onus on physical fitness.”
I could continue and for some of you this may be something new, however look at the general health of the corporate world, look at the sleeping habits, the eating habits and all up the lifestyle habits of a number of company leaders responsible for millions of dollars of turnover and the livelihoods of many? Yes less than ideal.
Over the last 10 years I have seen a slight increase in the number of corporates who are covering the cost of their employees fitness memberships. It has moved from 0.25% to just under 1%.
If we want to have sustained performance in the corporate world and in life then we need to adopt the mindset that we are all high performance athletes just with different playing fields and we need to start to live that way.