Cut the Chaff
June 02, 2020

Cut the Chaff

There are things in life that we invest time, emotion and energy into that simply do not serve us….these things are “The Chaff”. Without them our lives go on doing awesome, in some scenarios even more awesome when we “cut” them.
Often we hold on to things to an almost “bitter end” we fight for them because we believe they serve us but then there comes a point where we feel and or realize that in fact they no longer serve us, in fact they may drain us, they me be holding us back from achieving great things in our lives. The day and time that we rid ourselves of these tings no matter what they are we always feel reborn, a new sense of energy, a new wave of motivation and it is literally insane. It is often followed by…..”why did I wait so long?” Well you did but now its gone and you are free, you have “Cut the Chaff.”
Folks, now is as good a time as any to have a deep look into life and cut things out of our life that do not serve you. People, habits, attitudes, food, liquids, ideas, ideals…. the list is endless, spend time on it and kiss good bye all the things that no longer serve you.
Now is the time to “Cut The Chaff”