Decision Time
October 03, 2017

Decision Time

One day you make a decision and in that decision you make a commitment, that may just be the commitment that changes your life…..for the better…..forever.

To: …….(you fill in the blank, this is your life not mine) things like: becoming a doctor, becoming a business man, starting a family.

You work on that commitment for time, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

You nourish that commitment, it may feel like forever until you start to enjoy it but one day you do, you start to enjoy it when it starts to develop and starts to grow.

But remember. It takes time. Sometimes truck loads of time. Maybe even years for the end result to come to fruition.

What I want is that you make that same decision that same commitment to your health.

Work on it day after day. Continue to make the right choices even in the hardest situations.

Then start to reap the rewards.

I know since the start of the article you thought I was already talking about your health but no I wasn’t I was talking about the huge commitment we are able to make in so many other things except our health and for me that’s where it’s all going wrong. That’s why at stages all the money in the world does not make us happy, thats why there comes a time when the 2.5 kids and the family home does not make us happy. All becuase our health is in a dire state as we just haven’t been committed enough.

It blows my mind that we are able to commit so hard out to so many other things but not to our health. Please stop blowing my mind.

Make a decision today that you will be as committed to your health as you are able to be to all those other things in your life. It will make everything better I can assure you.