Do you really need to?
September 10, 2018

Do you really need to?

I, like many, have done my fair share of rolling around on a grass field or the gym floor at the end of what I thought was a tough session but in reflection did I really need to?
Scientifically it is totally counter intuitive as it does not help recovery in the slightest, rather the opposite.
So why do we do it? I have 3 lines of thought here:
  1. We want attention from others, we want them to know we are there, know we tried hard (even though we may not have), we want them to ask. Well sorry, no one really cares.
  2. Sorry CrossFit but for all the great things you have brought to us this was not your best, far from it. In CrossFit this is rife and somehow accepted. Completely crush a PR and I may entertain it, otherwise please get up and put your equipment away.
  3. At that particular moment in time, we think it is going to give us relief, however the pain you feel on the floor is as much if not more than you would feel if you stayed upright, ref my above weekly science quote.
Valid or not you can argue, however the thought I want to leave you with here is clear, do not be the boy that cried wolf! If you are genuinely spent and physically can not move then just relax down there but hey what if when you were down there on the floor screaming and whaling around I told you that if you walked 5 meters to the door there was a million dollars waiting for you? I am pretty sure you would have the energy for that real quick!