February 03, 2021


Watching people snort cocaine from a kitchen bench encrusted with 9p Morrisons baked bean sauce.

Walking into a living room so densely packed with marijuana smoke that I could barely see who was who, not that it mattered anyway as they didn’t really know.

Being offered performance enhancing steroids with the sales pitch of a dream that I wasn’t even dreaming of.

Small white tablets in the darkest depths of nightclubs that somehow made you believe you could dance and that the music blaring out was actually good.


Why didn’t I submit? Why didn’t I care? Why was I even there?


I’m as curious as the guy next door, in fact my curiosity on so many levels has led me to where I am today. So why was I not curious about drugs. Back then I couldn’t figure it out but over 20 years later I think I have the answer.


My curiosity was not in what external factors could do to the human body and mind, my curiosity was more related to what the human body and mind could do with itself. Why add lighter fuel to a fire that’s already burning? Why put more air in a balloon that’s already full. The impact is surely only negative.


Perhaps that was my subconscious thoughts back then, it is certainly my conscious thought right now as I increasingly see human beings looking for eternal sources of energy to add to a fire that has no flame from the inside. It’s never going to end well even if it ignites a flame it’s only going to be temporary.


We need to work from the inside out, be more curios about how this amazing body we have all being given works on it’s own. Understand that a lot of the external chemicals that people choose to put into their body mainly target chemicals that already exist within the body. Crazy really when you think about it.


You have all the drugs you need in your body, you just haven’t figured out how to make them work for you and you are too lazy to find out. Get curious, get high, naturally!