Fail and then you win big
November 13, 2017

Fail and then you win big

It’s not new. We have been doing it for years. Performance is our Oxygen. We understand it.

Personalities, egos, attitudes, they walk through the door, they are desperate to tell me what they have been doing and how it’s so great and blah blah blah, we then get them to do basic things, like check their body analysis, 30% fat, wow that way of eating is really winning for you, lunge or air squat and your mechanics are totally broken, yep your training plan is doing you wanders.

That’s the hard bit because the first step is FAIL. And you know what, some people can’t deal with that, they somehow want us to confirm to them that the 30% body fat is ok, that poor human movement is acceptable and give them a pat on the back. We don’t, we are honest, we tell them straight and sometimes it’s really ugly.

So there are two choices, they leave and never come back and continue to be failures. Or they take it on the chin, listen well, come in every day, work their asses off day after day after day, become relentless in the pursuit of their goals through the environment we have created.

And then they win, they win big, they win really big when 3, 6 or 9 months down the line they laugh at 30% body fat as they are now in single figures. They look back at their poor movement as they are able to move their bodies in pain free ways they never thought possible.

All you have to be ready to do is accept that initial fail and you will win big.