Failing uncertainty
July 26, 2021

Failing uncertainty

It’s not new, we have been playing this game for close to 18 months now. Nothing is certain, things are constantly changing, goals are moving, events are being cancelled, the list goes on, we can all write it.
It’s reality, but we somehow are not playing ball with it, we continue to find our motivation fluctuating in the midst of uncertainty. We sing up for an event or set a goal that depends on the world being perfect, COVID restrictions being lifted and all the planets aligning for our dreams of perfection,  but of course neither happen, stuff gets cancelled, we have to re plan, reset and re think about life over and over. Or do we?
In a word no……when things started getting cancelled and we got thrusted into this amazing human sandstorm in the early parts of 2020, I and many encouraged people to take part in some serious infelction, it was a unique time to really dig deep and think about what you want from life, what makes you tick, what makes you happy, what makes you sad and what gets you up at 3:59am on the weekend to go and train in 45 degree heat.
Some took the plunge, endured the pain, got lost, but then got found and now wake up daily ready to live for today. Did they develop a Stoic mindset over night or did they just choose at some point in time to stop failing in uncertainty?
Still some though are only able to work toward the “big goal”, their “bucket list race” or their “dream job” thinking they will be able to invest all their energy into it. That’s until the uncertainty starts to creep in, some government official or their desired destination tweets something that fills them with doubt or they just listen to an opinion of a colleague that was made up in the elevator ride to the office this morning.
The end result……pure mediocrity….pure failure in the heart of uncertainty.
You may think you have a choice between “waking up and living each day regardless” and “living in hope that your 2021 big goal will come to fruition” but the reality is there is no option but to live daily because then in the event that all planets do align and your goal comes to fruition you will only be in a better place because of it.