The fat will get fatter and the fit will get fitter
October 17, 2019

The fat will get fatter and the fit will get fitter

A lot of people ask me what the future will look like when it comes to the health and fitness industry. It is an awesome question and whilst I do not have a crystal ball here I do have a few years of experience, have spotted a few trends and honestly can only sum things up as I have done with the title of this post in that “The fat will get fatter and the fit will get fitter.”

Now you say that is not a very detailed outlook on the fitness industry as a whole and I agree with you, however, let me explain myself a bit here. In the last 15 years alone we have seen the way people train, fitness fads and trends come and go, CrossFit seems to have had a great time, F45 recently took Australia and now the world by storm. People know they should be working out and although there are still a truck load of globo gyms around and new ones popping up I think it is fair to say that people have leaned to more functional fitness no matter which four walls or parks they choose to do it in.

In parallel we have seen an insane increase in obesity leading to heart disease and death. Yes, more people have died because of the food they have eaten and the exercise they have been too lazy to do in the last 15 years than from any other cause and that in itself is frightening and showing no signs of slowing down.

Flip the coin over and the number of people that are pushing the limits of the human body and mind is growing. Incredible feats like Ross Edgley swimming around Great Britain in 2018. The quest for the sub 2 hour marathon that goes on. Bring it to your local community and I am sure you have seen of or heard friends or acquaintances doing amazing things such as Ironmans, Marathons, losing 50kg and the like.

So where I am sat it is a clear cut race and the horses in both races are charging on at serious speeds. The fat are getting fatter and those death stats are going to get more frightening but at the same time the fit are getting fitter and in doing so achieving things that perhaps 15 years ago no one thought would be possible, this in itself is giving those keen to push the boundaries of human potential more motivation and will continue beyond our wildest thoughts.

I just hope you are sitting on the right side of paradigm.