Feel Weird?
February 15, 2021

Feel Weird?

You are not alone, everyone is feeling it and there is a legit reason.
Your body and mind has never experienced anything like what it  has been through over the last 12 months. It is truly unique and therefore totally new to your body and mind so the way that your body and mind is reacting is not a way that you are used to. Yup for real.
The geeky part is that its all about our fight or flight system and our response to stress (a few hormones here and there) which for many of us on many levels has been like nothing we ave ever experienced before. We have over worked it as there is so much uncertainly and a lot of disappointment in timelines that we are used to meeting not being met.
You will feel it in different ways.
Small things that perhaps haven’t bothered you before bother you more not than ever and you can’t figure it out and that only annoys you even more.
You may just be feeling emotional a whole heap of the time.
Motivation could be at an all time low as you are someone who traditionally has worked well with timelines to events (which are gone) or holidays (which are also gone)
You can and will get through it but as is rule one of the Ultra Mindset you need to admit there is a problem. Stop ignoring stuff and thinking it will all work out ok on it’s own, it will not. It needs, wants and deserves your attention.
Then change your attitude and behavior towards the things that are “getting on your nerves” or “getting you down.” You will not solve things in the way you did before, stop trying to.
Finally stop putting timelines on things and trying to predict when normality will be reinstalled, you have no clue and are setting yourself up for failure.
Roll with the blows folks, accept the weird feelings and stay cool, we will get through it.