Fight For Every Breath
August 21, 2019

Fight For Every Breath

On February 10th 2018 whilst riding my bike I was hit by a truck and I hit a brick wall at 54KMPH. What unfolded was one of the biggest fights I have had in my life, I spent over 2 hours “Fighting For Every Breath.” It was an unreal experience and those two hours were just the start of what would be a long journey back to fitness and life but one I loved pretty much every moment of.

6 months after the accident my good friend Jason Lewis asked if he could make a short film to tell the story, he initially thought it would be 10 minutes. When he called me and said 10 minutes did not do it justice and would I mind if he made it around an hour I never thought this documentary would be the end product. He worked tirelessly for hours and I am truly grateful as I honestly believe this is as close to a real life account of the accident and my recovery as could be made.

Thank you Jason.

Thank you also to Holly my amazing wife for agreeing to talk about things on camera….not super easy!