For you my friend
December 04, 2022

For you my friend

We walked, we talked, some days about something, other days about nothing. Some days you were beat, drained, fed up, it’s expected, I could see it, but could never mention it and you rarely did, you stayed strong.
Other days you were fired up, talking, laughing, living. It was a sick mix, so unpredictable but every time I got in the car to come and see you I came in hope, every time I left, you had given me more hope. Your world had been thrown upside down and during the rotation your mind had been shot wide open, you were like a sponge ready to soak up thoughts and ideas that were non conventional in the modern world but in reality were just unfiltered thoughts of humanity, simplicity and taking things back to basics.
I still think you had the last laugh as we sat there by your hospital bed and from time to time you joined the conversation with a killer blow making us all smile with you. Your beautiful sense of humor, your way of expression in these unique moments. You’re unreal mate.
So here’s to one big THANK YOU and a final fist pump. You took us on a ride for 18 months, you opened up in your darkest moments, you said yes to a walk on the beach when you were obliterated inside. You taught us, you prompted us to learn, you challenged us, but most of all and even in those dying moments you gave us hope on so many levels, you showed us what true resilience was.
Till we meet again, rest easy mate.