Get a job washing dishes
February 27, 2017

Get a job washing dishes

First year of university ends, 4 months off for summer, what do you do with all that time?
“Get a job washing dishes” a mate of mine said! “Let’s go down to the tennis at Wimbledon and work in the kitchen.”
Sounded like a random but awesome idea. Of all the jobs we could have perhaps applied for that could maybe have been far more glamorous and potentially more enjoyable and we opt to go and wash dishes for high society at the Lawn Tennis Club of Wimbledon.
Almost 20 years later and I still reflect on that experience, the lessons I learnt, the people I met, the number of plates I broke so I didn’t have to wash them up and the countless visits to the walk in fridge for a cup of “Chef’s tea.”
I see kids coming out of school and uni these days who don’t seem to have washed one dish in their lives never mind being able to rattle through over 200 an hour. But then these kids want jobs……jobs with titles…..manager…….executive……supervisor.
Kids, get a job washing dishes for a while and when you have done that get a job doing something else that’s teaches you about life and repeat that cycle for a few years until you understand that there is no app for life lessons and respect.
Jobs like this teach you what hard work really is, what crappy really is and make you appreciate the good times when they come. Above all they teach you a lot about life and the fact that if you want to be successful you need to start at the bottom and the bottom doesn’t have a title but it delivers an experience that is way better than any title ever will be.
By the end of my time washing dishes I wanted to be the very best dishwasher there was, as the days past I broke less plates and took more and more pride in the job