Give, don’t seek!
September 17, 2017

Give, don’t seek!

Many of us feel lost so we start to wander, we start to search, we start to look for answers, answers to questions that we don’t even know what the question is. We go out and we “Seek” we seek the clarity, we seek the cure.
And you know what, I guess if you look hard enough and for long enough you may find some answers and then you may realize what the questions were in the first place. But many don’t, many spend years seeking the answers but never find them as they never knew what the question was in the first place.
Confused yet? Sorry. I know it sounds strange but it is going on all around you. Ever heard someone say this….”I was trying to find myself.” and then they go on “… took years but I have found what I was looking for.” They were on a journey of seeking.
Stop. Please stop! That journey takes forever and I am really not sure if those people have really found what they are looking for or if they have just stopped looking and settled for what they think is the answer.
For a short time, and of course stop if it doesn’t work….GIVE. Give yourself to everything you do, to everyone you do it with, to every single situation you are in, give 100% of your focus, your energy, your power, your mind. You now become present, you become charged, you create a situation and an environment around yourself that automatically delivers for you.
Give, give and keep giving, let that short time become a long time and the long time become forever.
Just think about it, think about all the people in the world that you look up to as role models, have a think about how much they give and weigh it up with ultimately how much they receive.
If you seek you will be a long time lost and looking. If you give, you will be a long time happy and enjoying the benefits of it.