Give me more
May 15, 2018

Give me more

The last 30 seconds of a 40 minute amarap.
The last 400m of a marathon.
The last day on a project deadline.
You go faster, you push harder, you have more, way more. I want that more…..Give me more!
But how is it that:
at minute 11 of the 40 minute amrap you were so tired you wanted to stop?
half way through your marathon you thought your legs were simply going to give out?
at week 3 of you 5 week work project you lost all motivation to go on?
Strange isn’t it that in those dining moments we always have more to give….Give me more!
I am no different to you, I specifically remember parts of MDS where i just felt drained in every way but then when we hit the final check point at 242km with 8km to go I ran like I had never run before, I had a new lease of life.
It, like so many things in life is a total state of mind. We are living examples that our mind controls our body and when the end is near our brains allow us to push more. The key in so many areas of life is to find that same mental fortitude (that is seemly easy to tap into when the finish line is in sight) in the middle parts of our challenge, it’s at those points where you also have more to give!