Go for walks
February 20, 2018

Go for walks

I read a quote quite some time ago. Off my head I can not remember where it was. I imagine a number of people have claimed it, who cares, that is not my point, why I am wasting your time on that.
This is the quote:
If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. So long as you keep moving forward.
I have never been a big walker. (My Mum loves it and still at 73 years old manages at least an hour of pretty aggressive walking at least 4 days a week.) But on my trip to South Africa at the end of last year my wife was still recovering from a small knee surgery so running or hiking up mountains was not on the cards. Our option for morning exercise in the fresh air was a walk.
We walked every single day for 40 minutes to an hour, sometimes talking, sometimes just walking, sometimes taking pictures and videos. You know what by the second day I was excited to get up for that walk, it was special every single day, it gave us time to think, to be together and to get at that stage the exercise that worked with Holly’s knee.
So who cares if you can’t run, just go for a walk, and yeah if you can’t walk the figure out what your form of crawl is and do that. I can assure you with the right mental attitude you will have a great time.