Goals….a social norm.
September 11, 2021

Goals….a social norm.

What’s your goal?
What’s next for you?
What are you working toward?
What’s in store for this year?
Are you asking me because you care or are you asking me because society has told you to and this is the norm?
Let me answer….the latter!
Goals have become societal norms and it’s wrong. We feel we must have them and if we do not have them we somehow make something up that means nothing to us and then we fail to achieve it because we never cared in the first place.
Not everyone needs big goals, not everyone needs a whats next. Not everyone will climb Everest. I had friend suffering from depression and for a long time his only daily goal was flossing his teeth. If you are clear on what your focus is and what makes you happy then we are moving in a good direction.
Don’t get sucked into shit. Be cool, live in the moment. Just because you do not have a “wow” goal to satisfy society does not mean you are not living.


Suleman September 12, 2021 AT 12 pm

So so true. Thanks for the insights and inspiration. SNW !

    admin November 14, 2021 AT 06 am


Sean September 17, 2021 AT 07 pm

I just recently injured my shoulder and this is exactly what I needed to read. No new physique or workout goal, just movement and enjoyment ✌️

    admin November 14, 2021 AT 06 am


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