Good Energy
April 06, 2020

Good Energy

We are all powered by energy of some form and we all get energy from various sources. One such source is other humans. They either lift us up or somehow drag us down. You have all been in the presence of someone that has made you feel amazing, energized, unstoppable almost. At the same time I am sure we can all think of people that spending time with is literally our worst night mare as they are “so negative” or simply “suck the energy out of you.”
At times in life we can’t choose who we come into contact with and the way they are, what we can choose though is how we react to them, how we protect our good energy and how in some cases we are able to turn someones poor energy into good energy for ourselves or both of us.
So here are 4 points to protecting your good energy:
  • Listen well: listen to what people say, the words they use, the tones they use. You can normally tell pretty early on if someone is going to be toxic.
  • Stay on your level: toxic people have an uncanny knack  of bringing positive people down super fast. It is somehow easier for us humans to talk about the negatives than the positives, don’t! Stay on your level!
  • Change the situation: I challenge you to make a positive impact on negative people. Give them some of your energy, show them how good life is with good energy.
  • Control: Stay in control. If you are unable to turn things around then choose to leave the situation. Do not waste any more time of your life in toxic situations.
It’s not always easy but you have worked hard for your good energy. Keep it.