Good enough?
May 01, 2018

Good enough?

This one was born out of a conversation I had with a friend recently where his training partner used the phrase “good enough” in a session to his absolute fury.
I will not labor the point on those two guys but I want to challenge you all.
The challenge here is in life, no matter if it’s in your daily tasks or in a micro goal taking you to your macro dream have there been times when you settle for “good enough?” When I thought about the story of my friend and his training partner I could recall situations where I may have thought to myself “that’s good enough” and I immediately got angry at myself and made a pledge from that very moment that “good enough” was not a standard I wanted to measure myself against, nor a phrase I wanted to be associated with EVER.
If you are in then be all in, give it everything, 100% 200% whatever, you get one chance at what you do today and I can assure you things that you do today will decide if you get your goals and dreams or not so why would you want to be “good enough”? Ups simply wouldn’t.
Go and do and be the best you can possibly be at that particular time of your life!