November 13, 2021


“What do you do when you wake up and you feel totally unmotivated?”
This was a question from a member of the audience in a talk I was giving recently with a sprinkling of aggression. My mind immediately says: “questions are good, hard questions are better and questions asked in this tone are an absolute gift.” I know I can make a difference here.
“How about think of one thing in life that makes you smile?”
“You got it yet?”
“How amazing is it? Let’s think about why it makes you smile….”
GRATITUDE….that’s what we are practicing here. It’s nothing new to the human race but is very new to certain humans. It will change you, change the way you approach things and may even change those around you.
You have a truck load of things in life to be thankful for, when you are “not feeling it” pick one and smile about it, fill your heart and in doing so you will fill your mind with great things to turn what could have been a “bad day” into something pretty awesome.