Great observations
April 13, 2022

Great observations

We run an initiative called “Show No Weakness” that explores participants mental and physical resilience. It is 24 hours of mental and physical challenges in a testing environment.
It is fascinating how the 24 hours pan out. On a recent event one of the support crew shared some of his observations which are epic.
  • Some men will fight, argue and try and muscle through a situation. When that doesn’t work they give up because they are lost.
  • When it comes to enduring discomfort women win….every time.
  • People will continue to search for rewards in places they know to be barren.
  • Mother Nature > alpha male.
  • Loud people are often the weakest.
  • Your body will endure what the mind will tolerate.
  • You’re never as tired as you think you are.
  • Knowing what you want and demanding it isn’t negotiating.
  • Negotiating means working out a deal that is beneficial to both parties. You must be prepared to cede something that the other party values.


  • If your eyes are on the prize you are missing the bigger picture.
  • Not every question deserves an answer.
  • Keep your mind engaged and mouth in neutral.
  • Some people make an effort. Some make faces as though they are. Some will walk beside you whilst you do the work.
  • If it doesn’t affect you it shouldn’t concern you.
  • Deception comes easy to some.
  • Take nothing for granted.
  • Get more excited about the simple things than anything else.
  • Trust the people you choose to have around you.
  • Smile when no one else is.