Hard Drive Full
June 17, 2019

Hard Drive Full

“Hard Drive Full” is a term that we used to see a lot but it seems it’s less frequent these days isn’t it. Why? Possibly two reasons, one may be that we store a lot more in “clouds” than we have ever done before and secondly becuase we have chosen to buy devices with more storage so that we do not face this frustrating problem.
I personally use a mix of the two as I like many hate seeing the notification “hard drive full.”
What has this to do with anything you may be asking.
Welcome “The Anterior Cingluate Cortex”….. the “what what” you say? Well I quote:
The cingulate cortex is usually considered part of the limbic lobe. It receives inputs from the thalamus and the neocortex, and projects to the entorhinal cortex via the cingulum. 
Stick with me it’s about to get interesting…..
It is an integral part of the limbic system, which is involved with emotion formation and processing, learning, and memory.
And that my friends is your very own inbuilt human hard drive. Can you upgrade it? Well that’s arguable and if so not by much and not too fast. Can you store things that are taking space on it up in the cloud? Well not right now but let’s see what the future holds.
But what does all this mean and why should you actually care?
Simply put you have a limited amount of emotional energy, learning capacity and memory storage as a human so you need to be careful. In the modern world we are overloaded with information and communication and if you are not careful, very shortly your hard drive will get full, you need it to be full of the right stuff.
We have all heard of things like reading first in the morning before we consume social media and this above is the theory why,  if you do things the other way round by the time you have finished with your social media there is limited to no room for learning key information from books that will actually have a meaningful impact on your life.( And no this is not about social media bashing but that seems to be a super easy example for people to relate to these days.)
So be careful, think carefully.So don’t just waste your time with things that do not matter, go fill your hard drive with things that will help you live the very best life and make you a better human.