Hard work!
May 01, 2017

Hard work!

“Increased performance cannot be faked and there are no shortcuts to success.”
I remember growing up as I am sure you all do my Dad saying to me over and over that if I want something I am going to have to work hard for it.
When I look back at that now and couple it with what I have learnt in my life and in turn taught to people the constant remains the same. It comes down to hard work!
We have so many wants, needs and desires, some of them physical, others emotional. But the recipe too attain them remains the same, you are going to have to work hard for it. This is where I see a huge disconnect in the human brain and our general attitude these days. We want for so much but are willing to work so little. Insanity really.
You want to have the dream job that pays the ultimate salary but you are unwilling to work your ass off in the job that you are in to learn enough and prepare yourself for your dream job. You just expect that by turning up you are going to get it.
You want to have physical changes in your body but somehow you forget that the last several years of negligence have got you to where you are so it is going to take some serious hard work to get what you want.
You want to climb the mountain or finish the race but when it comes to training the warmth of your bed on a winters morning is far more appealing than getting out in the dark and cold weather to get your training done.
Isn’t it is sick sense of entitlement almost the way we just want things to happen in life and somehow just expect them to happen without us having to work at all.
Well the world population is growing, competition is heavier than it has ever been and for all the people out there that feel entitled there are a crew that are willing to work for what they want in life. They understand the concept of hard work and get up everyday to make things happen no matter what area of their life.
It is my wish that you become one of those people and you adopt a relentless attitude to hard work because when you do the benefits and accomplishment of life is truly awesome.