June 12, 2017


“Honesty. Honesty is the fastest route to high and sustained performance. Be honest with yourself about your nutrition, your commitment and your rep counts.” InnerFight Brand Value

Many people BS their way through life and you may argue a lot of them do quite well out of it but I will counter argue that. They may do well for a while but those people are often the ones that crash sooner rather than later.

Honesty wins every time in my book. It not only takes you to high performance in whatever it is you are doing in your life but allows you to stay there. Where honesty starts is with yourself, you have to get it right with you first about everything in life, what you want, what you are ready to do about it, how you are willing to live your life.

The BS will only get you so far, it will only work for so long, honesty is what carries you day in day out, the highs and the lows and to the best life you can possibly have.