Ideas – Make them happen
March 13, 2017

Ideas – Make them happen

If you got geeky I am sure you be surprised (or maybe not) about the number of ideas we as humans have daily.
We are full of them and we are not shy to share them, with friends, loved ones and sometimes just with random people. Some of our ideas are related to money making schemes, others to how, if we were in charge of the world we would make it a better place and further still we have ideas to challenge ourselves, diets we intend to go on, regimes of any sort that we want to follow.
Just think, for all the ideas that you have, how many do you actually make happen? When we have an idea our brains release dopamine (happy hormone) which as we share the idea with others gives us a great buzz, almost like we feel the idea is coming to fruition despite nothing being done at all but a bit of thinking. That dopamine soon wears off and we are left with two choices. 1. To make excuses as to why our idea may not be as good as we first thought or 2. To make it happen.
I wander what the % split is here between 1 and 2? 99% to 1 and 1% to 2? You get my point!
So next time you have an idea (and I really hope you continue to have awesome ones) please can you make it happen. Making it happen is what counts and when an idea comes to fruition no matter how big or small, that is where the ultimate dopamine release is and it’s unreal.