Is enough enough?
June 30, 2020

Is enough enough?

I was recording a podcast yesterday about reading and learning and as I was preparing and also recording it this question kept coming back to me…. “when is enough actually enough?”
We are told to keep reading, to keep learning as part of the growth mindset and I am alllllll in for that, I love learning and listening to new things and ideas but does there come a point where we have to look at our balance between learning and doing?
I mean what is the point of having all the knowledge and doing nothing with it, that would be an awful shame wouldn’t it.
The conclusion I have come to is that we have to make a certain peace with our balance of learning and doing and in fact it may not be in balance at all. It is probably just fine to go through phases that have more learning and reading in them and less executing and vice versa that if you are in a massive “doing” phase then you may not have time to learn so much. I was happy with that.
However what is still unanswered for me is when enough is enough. When have we read enough books to have all the tools to go out and make it happen. Is enough ever enough or does that not really matter so long as we are winning!