It takes more than just YES
August 14, 2017

It takes more than just YES

Saying yes is the start. The real deal comes after! Will you make it? Many will not!

To all intents and purposes it is actually quite easy for many of us to say YES….to a variety of different things be them physical challenges, commitments to help others or just a pledge to live a healthier life for ourselves.

When we give out this YES we immediately feel satisfaction, it is no surprise as our brain releases a certain amount of our happy hormone dopamine at the thought of what is to come. But what is to come is what is it come and in many cases it will take time and work. Sadly for many that time and work is one step too far. The end result? The goal is never achieved.

Saying yes is just the start. The real deal comes after, the hard word comes after, the sacrifices comes after, the suffering comes after, the pain comes after. Yes (although hard for some) is easy for many of us, it is the commitment to follow through that is where the real challenge lies, it is the commitment to the goal day in day out, not just on the good days but on the days when you really don’t feel like it, on the days where the temptation to give in is at it’s highest.

I am very fortunate in that I get a lot of people sharing their goals with me or even asking me to help them figure out their goals. As part of that process I always highlight how though the process can sometimes be and I finish that statement by asking them “if they really want it?” (I of course go on to explain what I mean by really wanting it) and 9 times out of 10 I get a resounding YES. Sadly 3 times out of 10 that yes never comes to fruition. Please do not be one of those people.

Say YES and mean it, but mean it understanding that achieving awesome things in life is going to take more than just sitting around, it needs every single ounce of you and not just the YES.

Be ready to give more than YES.