It takes time
June 26, 2018

It takes time

Technology has transformed the way we live and I am a massive fan of it. It saves me time, makes life easier on so many counts and through doing so enables me to fit so much more into my life.
What does seem to be happening though to us as a race is that we are moving (or have moved) to a society that expects everything immediately and with great ease. Want food? Click your smart phone and it can be on your table in 30 minutes from you favorite eatery. Want clothes? Order online and get them tomorrow morning. And so the list goes on.
And yet again this is super awesome and makes us all happy.
The downfall however is that we seem to be taking this mindset into our health. We are constantly looking for the quick fix to the 10 kg of fat we have gained through eating poorly over and over or the best program to get us ready for a 10km race in 3 weeks because we don’t want to work hard for 3 months.
Whilst technology can speed many things up in your life please maintain a patient mindset when it comes to your physical performance and know that your progress will take time. It could be days or even weeks before you see any noticeable changes in your physique or performance and you have to keep going in the knowledge that eventually things will change. And they do, they really do! But if at any stage you slow down, let your diet slip or slip workouts you risk making no progress at all.
After my crash in February it took me over 3 months before I really started getting to where I wanted to be physically but every single day for those 3 months I trained with purpose, maximized my recovery and managed my food. When I set out I was in the worst physical state I had even been in and it was only after 3 months that I noticed differences.
It will take a long time and then one day you wake up and bang things have moved. Stick with it.