It’s always worth it
September 21, 2016

It’s always worth it

When a parent came up to me at the end of my first “Lessons from the Desert” talk in Dubai and explained that his son thought it would be an awesome idea if I went to his school in the UK to talk, I immediately said YES!

It wasn’t until a few weeks before I left when someone questioned me: “You are flying to the UK from Dubai to talk in schools about what you learned in the desert?” Of course my response was: “Yes of course.” They just replied with: “Wow” and walked away.

That made me think about the trip I was embarking on. I never second guessed as to if I should go but it made me think about the impact I wanted to have on these kids, the 1,000 kids in 5 schools that I would speak to across 3 days.

My motivation was and always is super clear.

If by sharing some of my experiences with people I can help, motivate or inspire them to get more from life then it is time well spent.

Fast forward the travel to get there, the busy schedule across the 3 days and the flight home and then this mail drops into my inbox.



The lesson is simple, if your vision is clear “it’s always worth it”.

In this case even the Intisaar Foundation benefits from the talks in the UK. How amazing.

Thank you to everyone who has been to one of my talks for your unreal support.