It’s boring
March 06, 2017

It’s boring

That is something I hear all the time related to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle or the compulsive pursuit of your goals and living the very best life you can.

Well I don’t agree. I think what the issue is here is that your attitude to life is boring, your ability to think long term is boring and when you look back on the last 2 years of your life you will porobably see some very boring patterns.

Let’s look at food first. I hear it all too often that “healthy food is boring”. Is it really? How have you defined healthy food and how have you defined boring. Eating lettuce and raw sweet potato for weeks on end may not be the most interesting but I can tell you now that there are some people that would do that because their goal is bigger and more important than anything else and that sacrifice is worth it. Actually healthy food does not have to be boring and when my wife and I started in our quest for healthier living over 10 years ago one of our goals was not to eat boring things but to eat healthy things. Yes she has worked hard on creating those solutions but I can assure you our healthy eating is anything but boring.

What about the “gym”. Most peoples most hated environment but one we feel we should be exposed to. You know what, I have never really liked gyms, for the most part I also found myself saying they were boring until I thought about that concept one day. I realised that I could actually have a lot of fun in the gym if I wanted to but when I had a poor mindset then for sure it was boring. And then the day came when I decided to create an environment (InnerFight) that was not boring at all but was a place where people could constantly be motivated to get better at life through physical exercise and let me tell you it is far from boring.

So yes there are many distractions in the world, we have so much choice on a daily basis, some things appeal more than others and I get that but what it comes down to is really what you want from your health and your life. I can guarantee you waking up everyday with loads of energy and charged for what lies ahead is far from boring.

But hey it’s ok if you think the pursuit of living an optimal life is boring, that is the beauty of humans we all have the right to chose the path we take and I just hope (boring or not) the path you are on gets you what you want.