Jebel Jais to InnerFight
December 16, 2022

Jebel Jais to InnerFight

2020 was a great year, it gave me time to think and to have ideas. Many I have executed on, some were rubbish so have been binned and others I was confident were good and there would be a right time. No rush right. Relax.

As I sat in lockdown alone with Holly in Australia for 4 months I started to look in detail at the landscape of the UAE. I very quickly went to the highest point and then cast my eyes back to InnerFight and saw the vast and varied terrain. Check distance…300km. Perfect……for a run! I sent it to Rob and we started to train toward the back end of 2020 until I picked up a niggle in my knee, plan shelved until the time was right again.

You could say the plan has been sat on the shelf getting dusty since then but I would say otherwise. It was not the right time but the time would come. 2 weeks ago I was looking on the shelf of the routes I have and I saw it and the below messages happened!

And that was it….

Here is how it went:


Yes in places it was hard, yes in place it was quite feral, sometimes we talked, sometimes we did not, sometimes we walked, sometimes with bikes. The 23 hours 15 minutes passed like nothing because for the whole of it we were in a relaxed and beautiful state of mind doing something we loved. It was unreal!

Thanks 2020, thanks Covid and thanks Rob for saying yes!