Keep It Real
May 18, 2020

Keep It Real

When I was a kid “keep it real” was somewhat of a “cool / skater” phrase we used to throw around. It’s for sure not something I would hear my parents say….These days it’s used in a number of ways, sometimes as a bit of humor but often down to its actual meaning.

Of course based on the current world impact of COVID 19 I am having increased conversations with friends, clients and business contacts around feelings, emotions and performance. People are beating themselves up about goals they never had that they are not hitting or progress they haven’t really been focusing on that they are not seeing! Counter-intuitiveness at it’s best!

We need to keep all things real and in check no matter whats going on in the world and when. The prescription doesn’t change much: know who you are, have some goals and wake up every day with the intention of becoming a better human being.  And an additional layer for pandemics….don’t believe everything you read.

I know that sounds simple but it really is all you need to do. Keeping things real is keeping things true to their core and not over-complicating them. The world is complicated enough right now, it just needs you to “keep it real.”