Lessons from the Desert
March 09, 2016

Lessons from the Desert

“I have delivered my Lessons From The Desert talk to over 3,000 people around the worldfrom corporates to school kids. The two years of my life that I spent ultra running taught me so many things and it’s a pleasure to be able to share those lessons in this talk.” Marcus

‘Lessons from the Desert’ is an inspiring talk delivered by internationally-renowned performance coach and motivational speaker, Marcus Smith. The InnerFight founder shares the life-changing experiences he’s picked up from his expeditions across some of the world’s most unforgiving deserts.

In this 60-minute talk, Marcus takes his audience on a journey to the edge of human limitations and beyond. From trying and failing to deal with crippling levels of physical and mental exhaustion in Oman’s Wahiba Sands to overcoming these obstacles and finally conquering that desert. And this was after Marcus completed the Marathon des Sables 250km across the Sahara Desert – “the world’s toughest footrace.”

‘Lessons from the Desert’ sees Smith share his secrets to building incredible mental strength, dealing with failure and how his simple approach to goal setting will enable you to live an amazing life. Through positivity, Marcus Smith inspires his audiences to believe that anything is possible and that they can achieve their dreams.